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Okada Patents and Trademark Office, P.C.

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Message from Founder

OKADA PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE, P.C. is located in Nagoya, the center of Japan’s manufacturing industry, and has been a leading international patent firm since 1960. Throughout these years, we have supported our clients in obtaining patent, design, and trademark rights in a manner that best conforms to our clients’ IP (intellectual property) strategies and by providing accurate and efficient IP counseling. IP is a central concern for any business and it is our mission to provide total support for our clients’ IP strategies.

Rapid advances in technology continue to increase the demands on patent attorneys and the critical importance of their services. OKADA PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE, P.C. has highly skilled Japanese and US qualified patent attorneys specializing in domestic and international IP laws, including patent, trademark, design, and copyright laws. Our attorneys have a profound knowledge of a wide variety of technical fields, including mechanics, electronics, chemistry, and biology. We also have strong support systems enabling us to meet our clients’ high expectations of our services.

We remain strongly committed to the continuous development of our skills and systems to keep pace with changing global business practices, and the continued provision of our highly effective strategic IP services.


Biography of Hidehiko Okada, our Founder

Registered as Patent and Trademark Attorney and established a patent firm in 1960
Vice-President of Japan Patent Attorneys Association from 1985 to 1986
Received “Yellow Ribbon” Medal in 1991
Decorated with the Cordon of the Rising Sun for the Fifth Order of Merit in 2001
Established present firm and became president in 2005
Honorary Chairman of Okada Patent & Trademark Office, P.C. since 2016
Passed away in November 2017, age 91