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Intellectual Property Rights Overview

Intellectual property rights are broadly divided into industrial property rights related to technology and copyrights related to the arts.

Industrial property rights*

  • Patent: A new idea with industrial applicability, called an invention.
  • Utility model: A new Idea regarding the shape and/or structure of articles, called a small invention.
  • Design: A new shape or pattern of an item.
  • Trademark: A mark intended to distinguish your company’s products and services from another company’s.

* The industrial property right system in Japan is based on a first-to-file principle (a right given to those who apply early to the Japan Patent Office).

Copyrights, etc.

  • Copyright: An expression of thoughts or feelings.
  • Integrated circuit layout: Layout of an integrated circuit.
  • Trade name: The personal name or company name used to represent a legal personality.
  • Prevention of unfair competition: Prohibition of use of substantially similar names, designs, marks, technologies, etc.
  • Prevention of illegal imports: The legal recognition of infringement and suspension of infringing imports.
  • Commercialization rights: The commercialization of fictional characters.